jazmine sullivan just made me feel like a tightfrocked busy princess. not incontrovertible… [does she like stupid girls? ah “you being a stuuupid girl”. so she is warning another girl, that is stupid, no sorry, being stupid]

is there a cure for such & such? or contrarily, is so staying, a desirable crunchy?

frEEdom wull nit lust thu

(look! jaz sulli, come ON just cognize & eyeball, she variagates her voice below & melodically preaching purr-sizely fat)

i quibble. sure of hellFiRe, i feel free. i must be(?); angling my physical container (wot wuz ut? body? 90%s), wearing pretty, comfortable H&M rags!

Anne Carson, NOT, is draped all over my floor, eqcuisitely!

i am fat with calories & dripping choleric-oil!

i laugh at the millions (bill-yunz?) of people puppets breaking each others body

i go hunch on my hunches & contemplate whether it makes any unterschied between knowing that one is iodined with guilt & gently swathed in the stench of unambiguous complicity

or happily strapping perceiver-BINDERS?

is a snowy day good for garlic flavoured, muTTah milch, AIZ-KREEM?

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