D $AR Margaret HiLDda THATCHER, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS (née Roberts;

wot our your uppp TOUR ? FANXIE a cupp uv de good old TEINE?

we CLD Qu^TsCH about Flinter & Sufur our friends from the mines . how jolly it would be , how gregariously chilly.

chuff CHUFF might you beam me a cracker? Wot o BEST o BRiTiSH taim we are goggling , just the dunce uv us

Oh, Baroness LG, OM, PC, FRS, PhatPhur, might yuo be so gracious as to include me into your cuddly teddy bear blanket?

We might even get indecently aroused & rub each other s ARSE VOIiDz, You coul let me FACE FUCK you DEEPfrog, i know thta is your predilection. Myself. honestly, prefer MISSIONARY (as quietudednuhz as pluFFable)

welll, superlatively saCCharine laydEE, lemme know, wld ya?

(to be honest tho, sorry, I should ve mentioned earlier, I prefer KOFFEE with a surveillance of baileys)

buZZ me bitch, i ve been reminiscing you

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