postpenultimate (sam), not wholly satisFACTORY bath, the questions remains in what manner of krike, is a tic going to eat an olive. Believe this i refuse. Such soft soap mumb0 jUmbo jet flightiness.

On an other plane  of self-similar, fractally-fractalizing gossamer strapwire, Devendra Banhart sings like an angle of a an UGLY girl in the sinful corner. This voice pulsed out by the erratic, hyper-joyful figurations, by this scheiss treehugging hippie Banhart.

His kind will be the end of us. Unsavoury, melodic chains should be bound to their depthlessly deep stakeHOLDERS. 

Let us pray for the dissemination of Devendra Banhart?

(shall we sit in a CIRKULL?)

with haste!  convene! resist or desist. But of PRIMATE importance, is the pre-gumptioning of this Banhart freaQ / FaCe; before he, yet again gathers around us & spits in our faces, & pulls painfully, our hair (dem uns on da head)  (some people are bald) (in the nether countries a formerly bald man was proud to present his new book. Something about medium raw egglets with 65% pure chocolate sprinkels) 

hey SOLDIER! are you a BITCH? gimme 10000 push WOEPS!

say COMMANDANT?      On this 3rD homeostatic landscape of freaQoids constantly look for hUmo & cellery; do you calculate that DeepTundra BunBun is making a FOOL out of us? what a mendacious flickering PIXIE! where duz he get OAF!

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