to be kind

A story behind the agonized / -izing toddler on cover of Swans‘ most recent sublime album, To Be Kind . Gira explains, ” I was tangentially involved in the punk scene in L.A. in the late ’70s, and I met this fellow there who was also on the outskirts of it named Bob Biggs. He was a conceptual artist who did this rather remarkable performance where he brought a full-sized heifer cow into the [L.A. punk club] The Masque, where it waltzed around, shat, and mooed, and then he walked it out and put it back on the truck and drove away. I was impressed with that, and got to know him further. Then I saw one of his baby paintings—or pastels, actually, which are actually drawn on black—and I was always struck with their enigmatic quality. I asked him if I could use one a couple of times over the last 30 years, but he always said no.”

“Just a Little Boy”, from, To Be Kind

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