Beauty Cichon

Having just announced the publication of TERRAINS: Essays on the New Poetics, it seems fitting to remember, as we should never forget, Aaron Swartz; his gentleness, determination, selfless hurtling into the yawning maw of the so called Law (also known as the murderous, evil, mauling, strong arm of the machine).

“We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers. Our power is in our ability to make things unworkable. The only weapon we have is our bodies, and we need to tuck them in places so wheels don’t turn” (Bayard Rustin).

"N. N.", Monika Cichon, 2014,  http://is.gd/A2I7CY

“Pauly”, Monika Cichon, 2014, http://is.gd/A2I7CY

Aaron Swartz forced its cogs to grind to a shameful, bitter hold. It just cost him his fucking life is all. Too many sick, indescribable evils we practice on one another..

Below the full documentary that was made in his honour after his death by suicide.

Incidentally, earlier versions of my contributions to the volume can be found online. <<

1. The piece on Swartz, “Staying True
2. “Sutured to Chaos” , about the singular art of Monika Cichon
3. “Shady Cartography“, a reading of the map art of Stephen Walter

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