leap void

The belly is the reason man does not so easily measure himself with God.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche, “Maxims and interludes”, #141, Beyond good and evil)


My bronze Buddha belly in the bathtub
is getting pruned in the last foam
I kiss my holy belly,
my little slurf in space
Both from: zonderlinge kruising tussen aap en priester, Cornelis van der Wal


This sphere does not have the rational beauty of the geometrical body, but for that it has the great safety of a belly.(Gaston Bachelard, La Terre et les reveries du repos. Quoted in Peter Sloterdijk, Sferen, p. 78I)

the stomach contracts & ideally
 approaches zero
Louis Armand, Strange Attractors


“What if I went around with a belly, that would be a political disaster.” Hitler, quoted by John Lukacs, in The Hitler of history, p. 69


‘Breavman why are paper bags full of white bread so ugly?’ ‘I’m glad you asked, Krantz. They are advertisements for the frailty of the body. If a junky wore his hypodermic needle pinned to his lapel you’d feel exactly the same disgust. A bag bulging with food is a kind of visible bowel. True Bolsheviks wear their digestive systems on their sleeves!” (Leonard Cohen, The favourite game, p. 79)



“I do believe that a writer works with his body. You live with your body, and the book is above all the book of your body. In my case the aphorism comes from a need to surround the words with whiteness in order to let them breathe.” (Edmond Jabes, cited in Paul Auster Groundwork, 198)


a beautiful woman floated above a choppy holographic sea;   she had a hole in her bright belly from which two children fell, one continued falling, down to   the blue, and salt water suffused his nose and mouth and sand sprinkled through his golden hair   like broken bits of light, and the child laughed as he sank to the bed of dancing weeds he was   born to spread, and the other child did not laugh but smiled quietly as she turned perfectly pink   and daringly disappeared……………………… (La Medusa,  Vanessa Place)

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