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CUG A PART  (pee dee eF), new chapbook by Sam Langer, finite moans press, 2015

cug    cug     cug    cug 


when I test my walls with skulls
I test my fences & my hoses
they imagine one, I am one,
put the breads down that they are
images, wasted on
anhedonic personality test
petting the comedown rabbit
drinking the flat white stimulus
blew: nothing up twice
talked while awake & soon
it was a movie, of fear mainly,
gloss piled in the skips
behind hotels, wind, water,
the ore behinds under the rooms

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.02.17 PM

Sam Langer, 2015

cug    cug     cug    cug 


that make spoke too much

that was an accident

a flash left in a smell

that was of dog burnt

dog of severed face

night drooping in news

I don’t think that by day

do the buttons up the back

if we’re those other ones not now

drawn on the spirit

that of spit

cug    cug     cug    cug 


the sad roman cosmos
fixes you skull to at least
mentally go out wetness
the map dry wallpaper


|the bulb that won’t grow
on the road
the helmets of nothing more

cug    cug     cug    cug 

cug    cug     cug    cug 

if i’m to help god why fluctuate
or bend why back step to or free
will is there
people datalike people off
a walking zone’s back euro is grr hand
hug the cigarettes kick wind

cug    cug     cug    cug 


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