lithium angel

nudging priorities into some general, curtailed

direction, cradling the tail , tucked in, between the two

legs, my backbone ripples all of its vertebrae against

all of its knuckles, clean. standing tall, not knowing

which way is up, singing a Foie gras swan’s song

resting never & way too long. she remembered dreaming

this wld happen & by the by, by the time, she remembers

remembering, the meadow lies timeless, enwrapped with

its mind, a circle of blindingly vanishing circles, the maiden s onyx eye,

the gaze fetching inward, some songs of the sky,

when did we do good & when did we do bad, & who tells

us the score, when the scoreboard is broke, & the tally

gone ho, & the horses they whine & they dine on our souls,

sardine-packed,askew in the heavenly pew. So death is

an interlude, playing games with your clothes, & in

every moment, is both stronger & broke. sometimes it is

the very people who no one imagines anything of, who do

the things that no one can imagine. she lays her body in the

horizon of lithium. Salar de Uyuni, the world s largest salt flat

contains 50 – 70% of the world s lithium reserves. The pink flamingos –

smattered heads of a dot on a very large dot – Are not all flamingoes pink?

She moves & re-moves, her extremities along the lines of

the perfectly soft & white & Vitruvian man. She makes a lithium

angel in the lithium snow. The silver white element cradles her

stingrays. & it bathes in the waves of the machine of her mind.

How can a mind have ripples, minds are flat, as the skies.

She is so grateful. It has done so much for her.

machine of her mind

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