“Downhill,” he preached on “downhill,

seems like the only prospect, from now on,

if all the boys are beefing-up while we keep

on writing lists that may or may not rhyme, lists

of things we find pretty, like the boys, or things

we cannot find, like the reason to push”

  • Juan Diego Otero, from “remote grammar”

windshield flat  a generic insect & a generic vermin
collide with the force of the width of an A4 paper
onto a cabriolet s unforgiving front & only window

we slouch on 2 stones of a circle, or rather more
like a group of stones. We murmur fake, forgotten
or non-existent, mantras. The monks float, cartoon

ghosts of a bright merry Disney Christmas past or future
pop, floatingly, out of our foreheads. Forehead.
From now on, you will stumble across this word

within the first 100 pages of any & or every novel
you casually, or ultra slowly & deliberately, pick up,
peruse, deep read, or deep fry for all I care. The point
is, foreheads are fuckin’ everywhere. An archipelago of
frontal, forelobed, rearview mirrors,

wer immer an sichselbe denkt

wird irgendwann sehr einsamm

there s 3 TV channels in her dystopian future … Pigs   porn   &

two idiots on a stick    we were mean  but

we meant to say go cart   happy luck

blow a fart   the vagaries of vagabonds   easy rhymes   bust a rhyme

easy come   peasy go

piano tones, notes, on, rolll , omn , certainty, (most) certainly

but i believe, let me emphasize.. , anyway, & again, but i believe, this certainty.. does not that make it so? if i believe it, & i ve thought about it, & i & i have , then it must be true right? therewith, of, by, whither, weather, whatever, whatevah, i must, i feel, at least, might, to avoid confusion, i mean, i, i , i , just, merely, grant you all the rest.. absolutely!   why   absolutely.. yes no yes, ok, stop, i mean, good. totally..for sure..just wanted to check check double check that you know that i know that you.. aha, erm, frp, basically all i wannad ta say iz they might ve played it otherwise .. anyhow n over n under i m out .. have a glorious day , back in a wink of a Twinkies Bagel hole, (& no yeh can t test that, iz already in the fukkin testtube  you luminescent frawg)

where yr living . local yo. click in the middle to see if you like it .  trading cigarettes for cigarettes.  the bottles n diapers come twirling down

berlin calling

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