dearest everyone,  please do not worry about me.. i had what in common parlance is often called a burn out (a term i,  for a manifold of,  here irrelevant reasons,  wld prefer not to use,  but use here to avoid even lengthier asides than the present).  this lasted roughly 2 yrs &  is now fizzling out.  at present,  i feel better than i have felt,  ever in my life.  thank you for worrying &  being there for me.  sorry,  so sorry,  for being the source of worry,  fear,  any  force other than a vital(ist),  life,  love,  affirming force.  i can only say,  on this platform at least,  that i am well,  blissful,  that i hope you are the same,  &  that i wish for no one to worry about me.  i feel no fear.  only love. 

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  1. Alan, my dear friend, all is well, just as is written above. Find myself at tail end of an all devouring burn out, & have never felt more full or blissful than now, but the need takes time to clean up that is all, and I hurt people, including myself, but all is good, I love you, hope you are well, xx

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