thank you tom, for your thoughts & work, I heard you on the Joe Rogan podcast.

printed yr bullet points. & i like it. mostly. i do hope you are not just in it for the money, hard to tell sometimes.

one difference i found worth writing for / about, is your point #1

“Human potential is nearly limitless.” i would rewrite this as: “Human potential is limitless.”

In every momentless moment, any given body has infinite potential. This potential might be bound to the specificity of its spacetime moment; nonetheless, it has an infinite number of possible variations, unbounded in the ways that it constricts itself, determinedly undetermined; a joyous dance of love for life for love itself.

(to give some context, i am a poet, writer, indologist, i like deleuze, guattari, karen barad, and many others 🙂

i just feel that your list can be & probably is very, hugely helpful to many people. But that it undermines itself from the very get go. Sometimes gradations, refinements, subtleties (“nearly limitless”) are not only not necessary, but factually wrong. I think the 25point bullet list would be infinitely stronger if this word nearly was left out of the first point, is all i want to say.

I bow to you, yours, humbly yours,



2 thoughts on “short open letter to tom bilyeu of impact theory

  1. Actually, first point initially was: “Human potential is limitless”, but it kept rubbing some people wrong way: they started wondering, where the top of human potential is, instead of taking action (which is the purpose of this list – get you to take action). So he states, that there is limit somwhere so high, that we most propably never reach it, but to make the list more usable and keep people focused on the right things, he added “nearly”.

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