Pandora Gallery
Schleiermacherstrasse 18
U-bahn Gneisenaustrasse, U7

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“I dreamed the goddess poured ambrosia over your head—out of a ladle.”

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The Blue Shape of Ambrosia (2018), Maximilian Tim Josef Iskra


In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods. In one version of the myth, Pandora opens a jar given to her by Zeus, and lets out all the evil in the world (with only Hope remaining trapped inside the box).

However, another version of this myth recounts how Pandora’s Box is a divine gift of blessings. Either way, it seems hard to say, what will emerge from beneath the lid of the mysterious Pandora’s Box.

In Kreuzberg, Berlin, a new gallery has opened, called Pandora.

Pandora box

To enter, one walks down four white steps, through white-framed glass doors, into a space of white walls, white floors. Most people will have to stoop somewhat to make it through (not unlike going down Alice’s rabbit hole).


(except: Pandora’s “rabbit” is Notorious, a monitor lizard).

From outside, the angle is of a slant reality, where nothing is quite straight; & generally unremarked things, take on a promise of rapture & blessing, & / or, germinal seeds of magical & toxic flowers.

The front space of Pandora Gallery is roughly four meters by four meters, white ceiling, walls, and floor. Behind the back wall, left, one more room; right, a room, in which a bath of stone, solid, oval, dark; a toilet, and mirros, hung adjacent, on facing walls. The Gallery Pandora, is also a dragon’s lair; Notorious, a monitor lizard, that lives under the entrance-steps.


Ambrosia, is the delightful nectar, of the divine food, of beings beyond death. “I dreamed the goddess poured ambrosia over your head—out of a ladle.” In a far recess of Pandora Gallery – palimpsest of uncertain possibilities of promise – “The Blue Shape of Ambrosia”, is the title of the exhibition, as well as one of its main pieces (a sculpture). The shape glows, pulsating, crouches, surveying from its corner, all other corners.  perhaps better described as some manner of trans-spatiotemporal machine; a hyper-dimensional craft of trashed circuitboards, mekano, computer parts, found on the streets. Inside its glow of blue, pink, metallic silver gleam, it is traversed by a maze of tunnels, intersecting, folding-back on one another.

Various other artworks, paintings, sculptures, by as many different artists, are tucked away in other corners of Pandora Gallery. There is a series of brightly coloured, psychedelic paintings. Along one wall, a sculpture points visitors through yet another corridor. In this last narrow thruway, there is a wooden frame filled with rows of keys. The keys are big and ornamented; like they belong in doors of castles, or dungeons. 

The Blue Shape of Ambrosia
Opening Exhibition
Schleiermacherstrasse 18
Close to U, Gneisenaustrasse, Kreuzberg

Maximilian Tim Josef Iskra
Guinchi TheSculptor
Estoban(? )
Open Call for future exhibitions.


Painting / installation, by Maximilian Tim Josef Iskra





Sculpture by Guinchi TheSculptor


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