“well, i think i have to violate the canvas, in some way or other.”




“The painter has many things in his head, or around him, or in his studio. Now everything he has in his head or around him is already in the canvas, more or less virtually, before he begins his work. They are all present in the canvas as so many images, actual or virtual, so that the painter does not have to cover a blank surface, but rather would have to empty it out, clear it, clean it.” ( from, Francis Bacon, by Gilles Deleuze


Francis Bacon, it is recounted, used to make violent swipes across the canvas before starting work on the actual painting, ‘…make random marks (lines-traits); scrub sweep, or wipe the canvas in order to clear out locales or zones (colour-patches); throw the paint, from various angles and at various speeds.’ (LS, 70).‘It is as if, in the midst of the figurative and probabilistic givens, a catastrophe overcame the canvas.’ (LS, 71


Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation (PDF)



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