i have the uneven fortune of being loved by too many people. i try to love back as hard & good & well & lovely as i can. & with all my lovely intentions, i often do more harm than good.

i often cause deep hurt, while intending no more than for everyone to just get along. sometimes intentions, good as they may be do no more than pave more inroads into one or another circle of purgatorial, or hot poker burning hell.

i find myself a changing being; becoming ever other than whatever it is & was becoming; dying again & living, in each & every timeless moment, where time is out of joint, space out of place.

thank you for being there.

i love you more than i can say or do.

it hurts to feel the ways.

your glance transfixes me.

your hug, caress, the scales of fish, the fur of a 600kilogramme brown bear ( who’s eyes stare blank right thru the dark night of the soul

your silence leaves the space around us as it is.

your fun is often why i laugh

your company i gladly keep.

when we walk down, along, or thru a street – between the two of us – we generate extra-corporeal circuits of electric-energy.

there are bad days. there is sad news. there is too much. & by far not enough.

& sometimes there is a moment in the sun.


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