This footage was filmed some mornings ago, on the bridge leading to & away from Greenhouse (a former JobCenter building, in Neukölln, Berlin, where now 200+ artists live, die, continually create, discover, make, a new community.

Life is a game of many games. Playing any one of these games well, grants access to next-level telepathy, teleportation, & mereology (as well as a free pass to play all other games).

A greenhouse is a phytomation system, a semi-controlled plant production system. There is no such thing as culture vs nature. We are the plants we eat. We have forgotten what we also are. & seeds sowed in covetous, foolish, anger, will grow out of control, into dark crops, offering protracted death, to yawping mouths of hunger, hatred, violence, despair.

Given this, and from some kind of point of view; it is a good thing that most of our true friends are women. They are the strongest of our kind. Already present in their gonads, are ova of future epochs of mankind. Choose any kind of game. Understand that any & every game is held together by a set of rules. Know that for rules to work they must sometimes be broken. Now play to win (& remember; it does not matter whether you win or lose, as long as your avatar kicks ass; & has a style so singular it was not ever seen before.

Fighter is the name of the boat in this video. Fight with the passion of aggression. Fight with grace of mercy, force of precision, momentum of pure speed. Fight with flower of love, blossoming all of your movements into, of searing bliss, this present moment.


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