Natalie’s last day. She likes to play chess tho. so we will play chess sometime, some day. She is outside, talking to a friend. The room we work in, where we pack needles, is empty. Apart from me.

Broke again. No money. Dinero. $$. Was eating bread with salt. Do not mind so much tbh. But Audrey insisted she give me her cheese sandwich. After some protest, i accepted. Was pretty tasty. Natalie had some too.

Then Samko passed by. He brought a borek. So i shared it back. Things going & coming around.

Daniel was not here today. Only showed up to say he might lose his flat / place.

15:23 Tired. Clarissa will come at 17:00, to see what goes on here. She wants to adopt a dog, & use my address. That s cool. As long as i don t have to walk it 3x a day.

Max wants to pass by too. He wrote me; write me when you home. I already had. So i copy-pasted the same msg.

Am trying to re-assess my life. Will write 100 cover letters. Find a job. Teaching English again. Maybe i will collect 1m euros, at some point in my life. &, be happy then. Yeh. Very likely. Sure do not intend to live with no money for the remainder of my life tho.

Average human has 30000 days to live. 


i made a secret office. surrounded by boxes. am writing this at, during work. Ppl up front either don t realize. Or do not give a fuck. They are nice. But spend a lot of time scrolling up & down Facebook; or watching YouTube videos of snakecharmers.



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