At the moment of taking this picture, two girls leaning against the wall, asked me why I was taking the picture.

– “For a friend”, I told ’em. “Why do you ask why?”, I smiled back.

– “Because about 15min ago, another passerby took the same picture.”

– “Oh yeh? Funny, indeed. Well, it is*, after all, good / funny graffiti also.”

Sthg seemed to puzzle &/or perturb them about this (remark; i assume). They proceeded to ask more & redundant, questions; about the piece; why was it there; who had done it; when, to what end.

I made some non-commital gestures with left & right hand (phone thereby slipping, nearly sliding away, onto grass); smiled, again (enuff with the smiling by now, already), & disappeared myself, around the corner of the church.

– Pff. . communication. Worlds. Always having to, being invited to, enter into different worlds, variations of known worlds, never-before-encountered worlds.

After being distracted/interrupted, out of one’s flow, it takes the average person 23 minutes to disappear into it again.

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