someone is filming me from his window
as i sit on the curb. He is there even after
he closes his curtain. Every so often
I give him 2 thumbs up. Everything is O.K.

people in Sicily are afraid of the sea
if all books were burned, if all books were erased,
& then written again . the science books wld be exactly the same
the religious books wld be different ; but they wld still be written .

the crickets chirp dusk at the breaking of dawn
a lot of re-charging is needed. Always. Intermittently.
mechanism of action : a palimpsest oar of horror .
she was doin’ her street-pharmacy hustle

bessere marketing = weniger Werbung
Spatial navigation to a hidden goal
what was her age when she died
here are some tips for navigating the faces :

vind je mijn muziek mooi?
Vind je mijn muziek mooi?
Was dat te veel herhaling?
Nee, maar wel moeilijk .

you will know once you enter the area
the roofs of the city everywhere swarming with cats

flow my tears, fall from your springs!
Exiled, forever let me mourn;
where night’s black bird her sad infamy sings,
there let me live forlorn.

if you behave like an animal should i explain to you how to be human?
shimamanda – Advanced investigation Demolition Audition ! – Charles Lindbergh
now there is another theory . it is not really a resolved issue
you can t anticipate the somatic state you will be in if you choose A or B

you have explained it so beautifully :
now i will ask the Question behind the question
the intra-receptive system
the trace has a living function for the psyche of the child

they are destroyed by their own excitement
“Velocity is a bird, what we see, what we see, are peaks & horses” – Chus Pato
“We recognize altitude from elevation. We call the most extensive praire, ocean.” – Chus Pato

Do you have an encyclopedia machine .
that is the nature of our very being , weird /
silence. Is shouted / deafen in instant .
i dress myself in Styles, & Fonts, & Ampersands.

let me speak the word
“you too close mon. Back the fuck up”
“Be like Tyson. Manhandle him then knock the mother the fuck out.”
my desk is empty. There is a picture of my Guru,

a plate of speed, 2 unsent letters.
Held hostage are Boris’ cello & Mikolaj’s guitar.
They cannot see each other
How many corners does your Kiez have?

the continent of reason : the teller at the bank wears a pink ballerina tutu
i exist in facial expressions only seconds from sight .
She likes new people – or kills them dead
“if i were your wife i would poison your coffee.”

“& if i were you husband, i d drink it.”
if i put up a curtain it will close the sound out like a cloud .


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