Death Note: Question

someone familiar-looking, on the streetcorner. Question. Those summer months, that period of time when (just about) every-thing was different, you were my friend. When all of these situations / circumstances were not yet a problem Question. i was your friend. We eased each other’s boredom for a while. Today, in this moment, my eyes linger 1 or 2 seconds longer, ensuring this indeed is you, wearing one shoe on your foot, while in your hand holding the other.

Your cheek & forehead are smeared mysteriously with soot. Question. Over your shoulder a large duffel-bag, with innit visible, a basketball-sized brown ball, covered with earth. Too, a bottle of Oban whiskey, one swig away from empty. Instead of passing you, i turn left one street earlier. Question. To look you in the eyes these days is awkward, laced with feelings of guilt, disgust, melancholy, remnants of love.

Maybe one of these days, i will, while walking, suddenly disappear. My body, all of me, vanishing into thin, proton-filled air. Question. The electron microscope, with its magnification of 10000x, or more, brings ultimate reality one step nearer. Question: whose or what ultimate reality). If it were possible to magnify matter several thousand times again, the molecules of chemical compounds would become visible, made up of their component atoms. With even greater magnification the atom itself.

Whose former life? Conundrums. Queries. Question. Uncertain orthography. With an apostrophe or “e”. Look, i am childish & i hate to lose; that is how i know. If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, then you are nothing but a loser. For example, concerning “direction”. Do we take one, two, or several? Do we decide coordinates before we leave? Verdammt was für ‘ne miese Miststuck von ein Mensch. Bitte, sei doch nicht so. Er hat es immer gut gemeint. Wie schlimm kann es dan sein? Question. What if that is just not the way i roll?

i suspect – like, to me, it, you know, just sorta feels like, as if i just do things differently. i don t need to wake up, get out of bed early; i already know where i am headed the next day, before i fall asleep the previous night. i don t need to work as hard as other people i know. For example, like, my metabolism is hyper-efficient. Question. i do not feel like i am lying to myself, or others; because, you see, words & language can mean varying things, at changing times, in new places, to different people.

Question. Lie to yourself if you must, or want to. You will know, when you lie, that these words are not true. Do not ask yourself

Take direct, expedient action. Take off the white gloves. Then after the bank, we’ll figure out if we can bust ’em out. A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged; a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested. Question. How you have to earn your letters. You’re not writing about this place are you? Trust me. He does not recognize the lie in my eyes.

You listen, you get up, you Program, you answer your people, you put Work in for your people. Precision beats power, timing beats speed. Don’t anker. Don’t dig in. Don’t give in. Don’t quit. Never quit. Support by fire. Cover & move. Decide then do. Prioritize & execute. The storm raged all night, morning, & still today. This storm is making strong trees. We do not always have truth & we do not always seek reality. The stand up war would be magical. A dog sits in an open window. Sticking its snout out into the cold, dark air.

Thanx for turning your mics on during the intro again. They might, or might not, do that, for the exposure. i love my friends & hate the way their bodies crack, when they die (Jack Spicer). The Question is, then, how do we remain silent. We discovered that we both resented the fact that. Apathy was not the most plausible explanation. 1. ich bin nüchtern ich sehe die Dingen grad nicht ganz klar.

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