“Death on a pale horse” Gustave  Doré

Have read too little, in too long. i used to read always & everywhere. i read before i even was able to (pretending, in my bed). i read manuals, instructions, flyers, folders. i read novels in bars, while hanging out with friends. They asked me to stop. i read stories at family gatherings. they told me that sometimes it is rude to read (is it?).

i have become lazy in my reading habits; mostly listen to podcasts these days. So, i have decided to read The Christian Bible.

By now, in my life, i have read no more than snippets, scenes, fragments, lines, of this book. I have read parts of the bible as poetry. I have read parts of the Bible as secret, hermeneutically sealed, semantically closed to me, i have read the bible from a place of furious anger, the seeds of trauma, & unknown fears.

“Do not read the bible for its prose”, Auden admonishes us. “Do not read Auden for his poetry”, i might retort (but do not; i mean, read him if you will, do whatever you want). So, i will read the bible for its prose, the whole damn book from end to beginning. I am going stir crazy, sitting inside most of the day. I need some fantasy stories to distract me, titillate my thoughts.

Besides, it is only 800+ pages, much shorter than Stephen King’s The Stand (in which a virus kills most of the people in that world).



“The science of the 10 plagues”, Gustav Doré



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