NEIL ADDISON (one of the many over & underseen, appreciated, followed (mainly because his itineraries are truly neigh impossible to keep track of) righteous poets & truth / soothsayers of our, this rotten time)

JANNEKE ADEMA (Remix Theorist, writer, academic, developer of kick ass, new- / intra-media books)

LOUIS ARMAND (engineer, poetaster, novelist, publicist, founding editor of VLAK magazine, essayist, polemicist, Zizek of poetry globes, theorist, artist, “totalitarianism makes art into an obscenity, capitalism makes it idiotic…”)

BJARTE ALVESTAD (Tublr; poet & photographer, & Gonzo beatster to the blue thru n thru)


MARTIJN BENDERS (dichter, polemicist, antagonist, essayist, maverick all-sorts)

BODDIN8 (Group Dawgs, debauchery, word flinging, food flicking, weekly pottery circle ritual, involving poems, pages, candles, brewery, (un)holy book objects).

SEAN BONNEY (poet among poets, anarchist communist fiasco rouser, prosody as blaKK bloKK)

NATALIE HAUSLER (artist, poet, publicist, bringer togetherer)

HOF, TON VAN ‘T (army-ist, poet-ist, communal-ist, translation-ist)

ANTOINE HUMMEL (artist, anti- / ante- / non- / proto-theorist; poet, anti-poet, rabble-rouser, bass soundsheet)

FRANCES KRUK (poet, scribbler, visual, sonic, grandios)

SAM LANGER (poeta, publisher, all round top knoTs, harbourer of refugees; at CORDITE Poetry Review)

JUAN DIEGO OTERO (lyriker, pensivist, psychedelicist)

VANESSA PLACE (Conceptualist, non-poet, lawyer, editor of Les Figues Press, writer of long sentences, mirror, radically evil)

JACOB BARD ROSENBERG (musicologico, Marxister, embroiderer, essayist, polemicist, Adorniffiado, intellect of unseemly proportions)

LOTTO THIESSEN (poet, activist, collagist, dawg, poeto-audio-inter-medial-agent at RAD FüR ALLE )

SAMUEL VRIEZEN (poet, polemicist, devourer of books about books, Badiou camp, pianist, composer, cerebralist)

ELVIA WILK (writer, poet, video, media, medium; editor at UnCube Magazine)

STEPHEN WALTER (magnifying loop-bearing, pencil swaggering, geo-mytho-poetic cartographer extroadinaire)

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