The object builds a worker at its edge. The worker tries and then forgets
to go to bed. In bed the worker grows a thousand heads. One thousand
means uncountable heads. A sheet of plastic appears outside her window
unannounced. She does not know it is a sheet of plastic. She listens to
something about a sweetheart like you. She shaves her face to try
like what does it feel. A boy once told her

that he had once shaved part of his leg. And with another boy
he had. She had not promised not to tell no one. But she had told no one
anyway. One head for her pillow and to hold innumerable heads. Thoughts
and a song but all the heads empty and floating in a preparation of
thoughts and a song. I was looking around I seen things. I’m seeing objects.
With my heads on my pillow these objects are really dried up bits of
dried up glue in sliding coloured glue.

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